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Analysis Of Alice Walker s Everyday Use - 935 Words

Direct characterization is when the writer states what the characteristics of the character are. Meanwhile, indirect characterization is when the writer shows the characters characterization through their actions. Although, not everyone has the same perspective. â€Å"Everyday Use† by Alice Walker is a short story that reveals how different perspectives can be misleading. Portrayed as a realistic fiction, many readers can relate to this short story due its difference between perspectives. A story in which two sisters and a mother find themselves living in poverty. Mrs. Johnson gives the reader her perspective on her daughters. Maggie is insecure and shy meanwhile Dee is spoiled and ashamed of her culture. Maggie will continue to live with her mother and Dee has decided to get an education and returns home with a boyfriend. After their reunion, they have a conflict deciding who should keep their family heirloom. â€Å"Everyday Use† shows that heritage and culture are con cepts that often people view and represent differently, throughout the story Mrs. Johnson, Maggie and Dee will show through their direct and indirect characterizations how different personalities can interact with their perspectives. The direct characterization of Mrs. Johnson shows is being a hard working woman that provides for her daughters and values both her culture and heritage. Instead of being a house-wife she plays a different role. Mrs. Johnson describes herself as â€Å"A large big-boned woman with roughShow MoreRelatedCritical Analysis Of Alice Walker s Everyday Use2414 Words   |  10 PagesTulsi Rizal Prof. Mary Huffer Eng122 24 April 2016 Critical Analysis of Alice Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† Alice Walker, most revered African American writer of the present time was born on 9th February 1944 in Eatonton, Georgia. She started her career as a social worker/activist, followed by teaching and and being a writer. She has won many awards for her fantastic social and literary works. Everyday use† was published in 1973, when African Americans were struggling to revive their original African cultureRead MoreAn Analysis Of Alice Walker s Everyday Use989 Words   |  4 PagesLaPalme English 102 22 January 2015 Heritage: The Various Interpretations in Alice Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2015), heritage is defined as, â€Å"traditions, achievements, beliefs, etc., that are part of the history of a group or nation† (â€Å"Heritage†). Heritage takes on mixed meanings for different people as a consequence of life experiences and belief systems. Alice Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† utilizes characters with varying ideas of â€Å"heritage† to enlighten the worldRead MoreAn Analysis of Alice Walkers quot;everyday Usequot; Essay929 Words   |  4 Pagesp An Analysis of Alice Walkers Everyday Usep Alice Walkers novel, The Color Purple, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1982. This novel, in addition to her short story collections and other novels, continue to touch the emotions of a vast audience. This ability, according to critics, has solidified her reputation as one of the major figures in contemporary literature (Gwynn 462). Born to sharecroppers in Eatonton, Georgia, in 1944, Alice Walkers life was not always easy. Her parents strived toRead MoreEveryday Use by Alice Walker an Analysis1049 Words   |  5 PagesTamica Powell September 30, 2011 Everyday Use Analysis Everyday Use is a compelling story of a mothers conflicting relationships with her two daughters. Maggie, which the mother feels contains more practical and traditional ways of living life and then Dee her oldest and most promising daughter, who she feels has broken away from tradition and has lost a lot of their heritage. At first glance you would see this as the normal mother daughter spat of maybe the wild child versus the littleRead MoreThe Heritage Of The Past1402 Words   |  6 Pagesroots. The recognition of heritage in Alice Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† and Seamus Heaney’s â€Å"Digging,† approach the nourishment of heritage in different ways. Heaney diversifies the heritage of a father and grandfather digging in the potato fields, through an identity as a poet, by â€Å"digging† with a pen. However, Walker recognizes heritage through the heirlooms of quilts made by a grandmother, but rebels against the heritage by fulfilling a new ide ntity. Heaney and Walker acknowledge and revere heritage, butRead MoreAnalysis Of Walker s Everyday Use863 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† The short story â€Å"Everyday Use,† by Alice Walker, contains multiple different literary elements. History and heritage play a key role in the development and conclusion of this rather intriguing story. Although history and heritage are important, the driving factors of this story are the literary elements. In particular the elements of symbols, characterization, and point of view in this story are significant. The use of symbols in this short story provide a deeperRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Alice Walker s The Color Purple1489 Words   |  6 PagesSisterhood and Feminism: A Literary Analysis of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Behind every beautiful thing, there s some kind of pain. The color purple represents royalty and nobility, which can be use to describe the personality of Celie and Nettie and their value of life. Purple is created by combining a strong warm with a strong cool color. The one color contain two completely opposite colors which represent price of royalty and nobility. The Color Purple using epistolary style to describeRead MoreAlice Malsenior6001 Words   |  25 PagesAlice Walker: Peeling an Essence As an African- American novelist, short–story writer, essayist, poet, critic, and editor, Alice Walker’s plethora of literary works examines many aspects of African American life as well as historical issues that are further developed by Walker’s unique point of view. Writers like Alice Walker make it possible to bring words and emotions to voices and events that are often silenced. Far from the traditional image of the artist, she has sought what amounts to aRead Moreevery day use3221 Words   |  13 Pagessection number Date Paper draft (for example, Paper #1 Draft A or In-class Essay #2) On subsequent pages, in the upper right corner write: The paper s title Your name Page number Character analysis of the story â€Å"Everyday Use† by Alice Walker 1) Pay attention to the character’s ethics. Does the character make just or unjust choices? Consider Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus does not make morallyRead MoreBusiness and Management2600 Words   |  11 Pagesat the beginning of each class. Policies may be slightly different depending on the modality in which you attend class. If you have recently changed modalities, read the policies governing your current class modality. Course Materials Barnet, S., Cain, W.E., Burto, W. (2011). Literature for composition: Essays, stories, poems, and plays (9th ed.). New York, NY: Longman. All electronic materials are available on the student website. |Week One: Elements of Literature—Stories

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Article 63 - The Evolution Of Mobile Casino Gaming

Article 63 - The evolution of mobile casino gaming Once upon a time it was a case that you could only access a casino by visiting a brick-and-mortar premises or logging into one on a laptop or desktop computer. It always required you as a player to truly dedicate time to playing too, rather than letting you pick up and play whenever you saw fit. However, when smartphones entered the marketplace back in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone, change was clearly on the horizon. Handheld devices would change the way people gamble online and this article looks at how the medium has evolved over the years. As the field has evolved, more and more developers have gotten in on the action. In US and international markets most mobile casinos are†¦show more content†¦The very latest mobile casinos also deliver flawless animations. If there is one industry that has kept the mobile casino field moving forward, it is software development. Java, flash, and HTML5 have all combined to create stunning animated sequences for mobile casinos. 2D graphics and 3D rendered graphics, along with HD stereo sound, make mobile casino games very impressive on both the eyes and the ears. When mobile casinos first hit the marketplace in 2010 there were less than a dozen to choose from. In 2015 the number is nearing the three-figure mark, each offering hundreds of titles with new games being launched every single month. The field has boomed in a way that many wouldn’t have seen given the slow start to life the platform had. Long gone are the clunky and basic mobile casinos of the past, as today they look impressive and couldn’t be easier to navigate. Looking back at the past it is clear that the mobile casino market hasn’t just evolved, it has arrived, and is here to stay. I, like most, questioned the mobile casino market when it first started. Largely as I was unsure how far any casino could really go with the platform. However, as time has gone on I have clearly been proven wrong. Technological innovations have turned the field from basic and boring into graphically impressively and truly interactive. These days when you want to gamble, don’t feel you have to turn on your laptop, simply reach for your

Arabs in America Essay Example For Students

Arabs in America Essay Arab American is a long and proud history. Arab Americans have made significant contributions to society. They are doctors, lawyers, and educators to name just a few. What Ill be discussing will be not only their contributions to society, but their To start off, Arab Americans have been assimilated into the American culture and society over the past hundred plus years. During this time there has been general loss of their historical culture. As generations continue to thrive, it was noticed that Arab Americans was losing touch with their past. An idea was formed ten years ago to create a cultural center where Arab Americans could go to study their heritage. These studies would include language and many other aspects of the Arab culture. The hardest part of this venture would be Through years of fundraising, lobbying on capital hill and donations, the Arab American cultural center will become a reality in Houston Texas. When the cultural center opens in 2001, it will be the culmination of many hard years of work and sacrifice to give Arab Americans a way to reflect on their past, present and future. Arab Americans have been stereotyped for many, many years and are still undergoing the same treatment. In movies they are depicted as terrorists. In society as a whole they are seen as cab drivers and convenience store clerks (7-eleven). While Arab Americans do occupy some of these positions, so do whites and blacks. It is unfair to depict them in such an negative aspect because their contributions are much greater to society as a whole. Another stereotype is linking all Arab Americans to terrorist activities. Only .1% of Arab Americans has been linked with their counterparts in Southeast Asia. This is yet another typical yet unfair stereotype. Arab Americans are also thought of as being a large population in the prison system. This is the worst stereotype of them all. Arab Americans make up only 2 percent of the overall prison population in the United States. I think this could stem from the older generation of Arab Americans pasting down their customs of what was done to thieves in their homeland. In Southeast Asia you can lose a hand for thievery.The Arab Americans practice one religion. The name of the religion is Muslim. Their bible is called the Torah and their god is Allah and he is their salvation. Every year the Muslims practice a tradition called Ramadan where they fast during the day light hours for two weeks. When its over, they have a celebratory feast. In their lifetime, every Muslim would like to take the journey to the Holy Land. By the way, Muslims do not eat pork. They view the pig as an unholy and Arab Americans have been discriminated on for many years. It has been stated that until the media takes a stance to support the Arab Americans and their quest for equality in the United States, the ArabAmericans will have to work twice as hard to be noticed and obtain Bibliography:

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Shooting an Elephant

In the essay â€Å"Shooting an Elephant†, Orwell tries to put across the dilemma of a white man in a position of power in the imperialistic Britain, who does not quite identify with the evils of imperialism.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Shooting an Elephant specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This often leads him in to uncomfortable situations requiring him to take actions against his will. Although it might seem that this means carrying out British orders even when he does not agree with them, â€Å"Shooting an Elephant† shows that it could also mean living up to the expectations placed on a white man by the locals, even though it may be against his conscious. In the essay, Orwell realizes that he must shoot the elephant because as a representative of the British imperialism in the small town, not doing so would have shown the British Empire to be a foreign oppressor that could not be trusted to pr otect the locals when needed. Orwell makes its very clear at the outset that even though he represented the British imperialism, he had already decided that â€Å"imperialism was an evil thing† (para 2) and secretly sided with the Burmese in their fight against the British oppression. So even though the Burmese saw him as an enemy and tried to harm him in inconspicuous ways, Orwell actually empathized with their cause. As such, his duties as police officer often meant that he had to carry out orders that at a personal level he found distasteful. It also meant that the locals, who had no way of knowing how he really felt, judged him based on the actions that he carried out as an instrument of the British rule. According to Bertonneau, â€Å"The â€Å"British Empire† is never present in and of itself, because it is an abstraction, a system; it only appears through its agents† (para 3), the agent in this case being Orwell. As a result, Orwell realizes that he must always act in way that is expected of a white man, even though he may not personally agree with those actions. This need to always behave in a way expected of him is not because of any pressure from the empire or his superiors but because as a representative of the British ruler, he must do everything he can to â€Å"impress the ‘natives’ and so in every crisis he has got to do what the ‘natives’ expect of him† (para 7).Advertising Looking for essay on british literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Killing the elephant was not only morally wrong since it was a source of income to its owner but even legally it bordered on the gray. Orwell was well aware of this even before he laid his eyes on the elephant. He never really intended to kill the elephant and when he borrowed the elephant rifle, it was more as an act of self defense than with any intention to shoot at the elephant. Yet, once he had got the gun, the natives expected him to kill the elephant and protect them from the â€Å"crazy† animal. As more and more natives gathered, the pressure to do what was expected of him and impress the natives grew, until Orwell was left with no other option but to shoot the elephant, against his better judgment. Orwell’s actions show that even though as a person he may not want to kill the elephant, as a white man, â€Å"he wears a mask† of the colonizer and hence must live up to the expectations placed on a white colonizer, that is, make sure that â€Å"his face grows to fit† the said mask. As a white man in the colony, he is by definition supposed to be superior to those he colonizes. He cannot afford to show any kind of weakness which would in any way compromise his superiority over the colonized. As a result, even though he believes that imperialism is evil, he â€Å"ultimately fails to see beyond the ‘yellow faces’ of the Burmansâ €  (Tyner 266). His â€Å"white mask† of the colonizer is juxtaposed against the â€Å"yellow mask† of the colonized and the white man must always come across as the superior. If he had not killed the elephant, he would have come across as a weak person and become a laughing stock among the locals. As Orwell mentions, their â€Å"hideous laughter† and â€Å"sneering yellow faces† (para 1) were getting on his nerves and he could not allow them to get another opportunity to laugh at him. By killing the elephant, he made sure that the superior white mask of the colonizer that he wore in his interactions with natives remained firmly in place. Thus, Orwell contends that even though he was supposedly the free white man ruling the native Burmans, in reality he was not really free as he could not do what he really wanted to do but must always to what was expected of him as a representative of the British government.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Shooting an Elephant specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The British Empire is just an abstract system but it is the actual people, whether the colonized or the colonizer, who must give up their freedom in order to live within this system. In killing the elephant, Orwell stopped being a â€Å"person† and become just an agent of the British Empire, thus losing his freedom as an individual. Works Cited Bertonneau, Thomas. â€Å"An overview of â€Å"Shooting an Elephant†.† Short Stories for Students. Detroit: Gale, 2002. Literature Resource Center. Web. Orwell, George. â€Å"Shooting an Elephant† 1931. Web. Tyner, James A. â€Å"Landscape and the mask of self in George Orwell’s ‘Shooting an elephant’.† Area 37.3 (2005): 260-267. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. This essay on Shooting an Elephant was written and submitted by user Jonas Brady to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Find Your Next Crime Novel with CrimeBookJunkie

Find Your Next Crime Novel with CrimeBookJunkie Crimebookjunkie.co.uk is a riveting blog that will keep you entertained and engaged as you learn which crime books are worth your time. Noelle Holten, who runs the site, creates honest and captivating reviews about a large variety of crime novels.CrimeBookJunkie reviews only crime novels that Noelle (or one of her guest reviewers) enjoyed reading and would recommend to her readers. She keeps her reviews positive and offers only constructive criticism when necessary. Although she will no longer give star ratings after February 2018, she clarifies that she reviews only books that she considers between three and five stars. Reviews posted on the site before February 5, 2018 still include her (or her guest reviewers) star ratings.Noelle worked as a senior probation officer for more than 17 years, so she is very familiar with the criminal justice system and applies that knowledge when reviewing. She exhibits personal knowledge about believability in the criminal system and the various per sonality types that are frequently represented in the justice system and crime books. As a reader and a writer, I found her assessments of character development really informative and helpful. Noelles writing style is casual and playful, and she addresses her readers as if we already know each other in real life. Her lighthearted humor comes through in her writing and is quite endearing. Here is a perfect example of her unique voice from her review of Liars by Frances Vick: It is deliciously devious, twisted and grabs you by the cahonies before kicking you to the curb! You can find an example of her expert use of constructive and kind criticism in her review of Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell: As an author, Caroline really knows how to create characters that get under our skin, whether we love them or loathe them, they stay with us. I thought the ending was wrapped up a little too quickly for my liking but that works sometimes†¦maybe its because I just wanted more!In additio n to her feisty written voice, Noelle is also dedicated to her readers and provides a response on virtually every comment that readers post on the blog. This is a time-consuming task, but it shows that she really is invested in her readers and cares about their opinions.Noelles dedication to the genre and to her blog is evident on every page within the site. As a result, crimebookjunkie.co.uk is a standout blog that has caught the attention of many people within the blogosphere and has won multiple awards.CrimeBookJunkie features guest reviewers as well, which you can find mixed in with the rest of Noelles reviews. Noelles regular guest reviewer Claire Knight stopped reviewing as of January 2018, when she moved on to start her own review site. Noelles generous and caring personality shines in her farewell to Claire, and you can tell that she was a wonderful mentor who truly wants the best for those working with her. Claire contributed numerous solid and valuable reviews over the cou rse of two years; those reviews will continue to be available within the Guest Reviews section.Since Claires departure, BookAddictShaun is currently the most frequent guest reviewer and offers a more serious and introspective look into the books reviewed. I really appreciated and enjoyed his analysis of the risks involved with making our lives available (and stalkable) via social media in his review of The Photographer by Craig Roberston. Although BookAddictShaun offers more in-depth insights on the topics covered within the books he reviews, he maintains Noelles refreshing policy of keeping reviews positive and providing any negative comments in a constructive manner. An example of Shauns constructive criticism can be found in his review of The Photographer: I found the ending left me wanting more, but perhaps because no precedent has really been set it was kind of left a little bit open-ended but I would have liked a few more chapters concluding the story. That said the closing ch apters in particular were some of the strongest and most emotional in the whole story.Another important aspect of the reviews on the site is that they do not contain spoilers. Although Noelle and her guest reviewers discuss the books strengths and weaknesses and delve into character development and plot twists, they take care not to accidentally step into spoiler territory that would ruin the book for blog readers.The site features a separate heading for guest reviews, but there are no current guest reviews available on that section of the site. It appears she has just formed a partnership with a new guest reviewer known as Scottydog, so keep an eye on this page to see exciting reviews from this featured reviewer.The primary source for new information on the site can be found within Reviews, Interviews Stuff. In addition to reviews and interviews, Noelle posts current news and information from the literary world, including book fairs and literary agent information on this page.A si debar titled Review Categories which is located about halfway down on the right-hand side of the site offers an alphabetized list of the sites topics for quick and easy navigation. I found many fascinating links within this sidebar. The second link entitled Author Interviews takes you to a page with at least twenty different interviews, which are interesting and informative. Noelles energetic and familiar tone must be contagious because the authors she interviews respond with funny and unique answers. For example, one of my favorite responses was from Jonothan Cullinane, author of Red Herring.Noelle asked, If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?His response: Ask. My. Wife.Crime book writers interested in submitting their books for review can do so on the site, although Noelle warns that she is currently swamped with books to review and is currently not taking on new books; she may pass them along to guest reviewers. Under Review Policy, she explains her bo ok preferences and provides instructions for submitting review requests (hint: do not use the comment feature to request a review). You can either email her directly with your information for the review or you can fill out the form on the right-hand side of the page about halfway down, just under the banners for the multiple awards the site has won. You will need to provide only your first and last name, your email address, and whatever comments you feel are necessary. She does provide a disclaimer that if you do not hear a response within two weeks, then you can assume that she will not be reviewing your book. As with all other comments on the site, she responds with kindness to comments requesting that she review books and she reminds them of the proper submission method.The site also hosts occasional giveaways, which any reader interested in crime books should bookmark and check regularly! Most of the giveaways include books that are signed by the author, but last year she even h osted a CrimeBookJunkie giveaway that included an awesome miniature bookcase necklace, a CrimeBookJunkie notebook, and a magnetic bookmark. To enter the giveaways, readers merely have to comment on the giveaway post and include their name and where they live. Not all giveaways are available internationally; since Noelle is based in England, some giveaways are open only to UK readers. However, it is worth checking because she offers international giveaways whenever she can.CrimeBookJunkie also offers excerpts from crime novels to give readers a glimpse inside some of the reviewed books. The excerpts are frequently featured as a stop along a books blog tour, and crimebookjunkie.co.uk seems to be on the blog tour for many of the premier crime books, so you can hope to see either a thorough review or an excerpt (maybe even both!) for the best crime books on the market.The site offers cover reveals for upcoming novels as well. Noelle usually includes a book review as part of the cover re veal, and she enjoys the suspense of making her readers wait until she has properly introduced the author, provided a synopsis of the book, and written a thorough book review before revealing the exciting graphics of the cover. Although they say you cant judge a book by its cover, the cover reveals featured on the site definitely make you want to pick up a copy and read the book behind the cover.The site is also a terrific resource for finding out about literary events and crime book events in England. Noelle is located there, so most of the events she promotes take place in and around England.The best way to stay engaged and to make sure you do not miss any news from the crime book world is to sign up for updates on the right-hand side of the site. Simply enter your name and email, and you will receive CrimeBookJunkie post notifications in your inbox whenever there is a new post on the site. Any crime writers or readers should head over to the site immediately to sign up for the ne wsletter and spend some time in Noelle Holtens delightful little corner of the Internet.

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Behavioural yourself Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Behavioural yourself - Essay Example Economic institution is one of the most dominating one among all the social institutions, and is related to man’s career and financial stability, gains and achievements. It is financial institution that not only keeps man engaged and busy in something productive, but also earns pelf, prestige and popularity for him. But it is not so easy to win all these triumphs in life. An individual has to work hard with determination and concentration to achieve his goals in life. Both determination and concentration look for motivational effects in order to continue performing all the tasks during financial activities. Hence, motivation plays pivotal role in man’s life and career. Thus, it is the most important thing to find out what motivation is and how an individual attains it. Moreover, how its works in individuals’ career and whether the standard of obtaining motivation is one and the same in all individuals or it varies from person to person. The term motivation has been defined by different theorists differently. â€Å"Motivation is†, Kreitner views, â€Å"the psychological process that gives behaviour purpose and direction.† (1995). In other words, motivation is the main factor behind performing something purposeful towards some specific direction. â€Å"It is an inner drive†, Higgins states, â€Å"to satisfy an unsatisfied need.† (1994). Motivation is an urge that supports man during the course of fulfilment of some tasks individually and collectively. Motivational factors are extremely significant not only for the employees during their job in a corporate firm, so that they can be proved more and more productive for the organization and work place, but also it is important for the companies and organizations for the enhancement of their sales volume and creativity as well. It is the leadership of an organization that provides a staff-motivating atmosphere within an organizational structure ; it

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Week3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Week3 - Essay Example According to research in the textbook, diets that contain saturated fats and trans fats can affect a person’s health negatively since they lead to increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood, which can in turn lead to heart disease and other acute health conditions. Additionally, the textbook indicated that a study was conducted between seven countries in order to understand the link between heart disease and fat diets. The study showed the two populations, which is the Island of Crete and Finland, suffered from heart disease. Indeed, the study found that the food diet in Crete contained less saturated fat as compared to Finland, where death rates linked to heart disease were much higher than Crete. Furthermore, according to Omega article, consuming more fish and food elements that contain omega-3 helps in reducing the risk of getting heart disease. In addition, omega-3 also helps in reducing the effect of some risk factors such as stress that can lead to heart disease and strokes. According to the article â€Å"Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mood Disorders†, Omega-3 is an important mineral in maintaining ones moods. This is why people with depressive disorders are likely to have mood swings if omega-3 is absent in their diet. Moreover, research shows that the tremendous increase in depression and neurological disorders is being fueled by the increasing consumption of vegetable oils that are rich in the omega-6 fatty acids (Parker et al. 969). However, consumption of foods such as fish, which is rich on omega-3, helps in preventing depression. Dietary changes from traditional foods that include fish eating to western fast food diets have led to increased rates of anxiety, depre ssion, seasonal affective disorder, and suicide (Parker et al. 969-970). Some of the changes that I would like to make when it comes to changing my food diet include consuming more fish and less fast food. Additionally, I will include